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mTickets (Mobile Ticketing) is an innovation in technology that let's you use your mobile phone or device as both a personal ticket machine and ticket.

At work, on the go or even at the station or at the gates of the event, buy your tickets from your phone or device online, at any time and join the event straight away.

mTickets is for individuals, event managers, organizations, service providers and businesses to post or announce events, shows, music concerts, parties, discussions, training courses, forums, sales promos, auctions, etc to families, friends, staff, clients, guests and the general public.

You want to provide customers with full and up to date information of your shows? You want to sell your tickets quickly in less time?

mTickets can automatically do all the tasks for you.

You are having a private party only for your friends and special guests, you don't have the time to print invitation cards, mTickets is the answer as tickets are delivered straight to the mobile phones and devices of invitees and only invitees with valid tickets are allowed into the venue. Avoid the hassle of ticket lines : get online today and experience a new way to join events or travel.

Tickets hosted at are available to buy from your mobile phones or tablets. Tickets are stored in your mailbox or SMS Inbox for access whenever you like or to present at the event's point of entry.

mTickets have a barcode and a readable part that can be checked by staff quickly and easily

Register Now, at the site and create paid or free event tickets, and start selling.

 mTickets is powered by Jehvah Technologies Ltd

For Enquiries contact us: Email: Phone: 0700 979 00 800